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Library for the Blind Helps fill Empty Hours

How is your library helping you in these tough economic times? Tell us your story.

My husband recently became BLIND. Without the services of the NJ State Library Talking Book and Braille Center he would have no way to fill the empty hours since he can no longer read. I do not know how anyone with a conscience can take away these services from the blind. We are senior citizens and he has so many hours that will be empty and the thoughts of this is devastating. Multiply this by the large number of Blind Persons in NJ. Bernice, Belvidere


I have hard time thinking about being blind. It is sign that i should enjoy more because i am not.

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Our mother is 102 years old and has been blind for 14 years with macular degenration...She still has her right mind and was devastated when she lost her sight. She was and is very interested in life, nature and sports so we started getting your books for her and she has thoroughly enjoyed "reading" them all of these years. She loves the mysteries and anything historical. This has been pretty much her only outlet all of this time so thank you very much and since she is still healthy and interested in what is happening so we appreciate you continuing to send them to us for her. Walt and Barbara McCann....blackwood, n.j. 08012

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Library for the Blind Helps fill Empty Hours

My husband recently became BLIND. Without the services...

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